(O.D. Motorsport)

Andrew C. Ehrenpreis, President

Andrew Ehrenpreis began laying the foundation for Oil Dog Motorsport over 14 years ago, at the tender age of 16 when he bought his first bike, the 79 Yamaha 350, for 600 bones back in Pittsburgh, PA.. Though his parents wished for a doctor, lawyer, hell, an Indian Chief even, what they got was a riding all day, burn-outs all night, common sense cat whose main goal was 12 o'clock aspirations.

Andrew Ehrenpreis entered North Eastern University Business School in 89 knowing that he could one day turn his passion into profit. to support himself, he began promoting parties and generally blowing up the Boston scene. One thing led to another and he found himself, one lonely night, on I-95 heading South to New York, skyscrapers, everything. By this time, all he had was himself and his 86 GSXR 7/11 - still one of the best bikes in the business, if you ask us.

Brooklyn called him when a friend asked if he wanted to help customize and paint bikes for a living. Andrew Ehrenpreis, now known as Blue (don't let me find out), Clues, Blue Lee, Blue Eastwood and Unsweetened Blue, spent night and day mastering his skills, perfecting his techniques and solidifying his rep. Finally, by 1996, it was well known that he could flip wrecked plastics into a laced-out, new set that proved stronger than when they rolled out of the factory. With a game so tight, he formed Oil Dog Motorsport in a downtown Brooklyn loft.

With Oil Dog Motorsport, Blue's clients have included Wink 1100, Tommy Hilfiger, Ruff Ryders, Franco's Racing, Tommy Miceli, Boogie Down Performance, Staten Island Kawasaki, Harlem Hill Riders and many a dangerous motorcycle cat. Ask around, he is regarded as one of the best. Oil Dog uses the highest quality workmanship and products like: PPG paint, Ditcheck supplies, Issac Accuspray, 3M products and more top products. Though he doesn't want to seem too arrogant on this website, only on old monster machines like the 86 GSXR 1100 he still rides or his 98 Banshee, he's got this game on lock.

Now that the business and reputation thing was solidified, Blue began experimenting again with another old passion, film making. Yeah, he's that cat on the 1100 with the video camera, always at the motorcycle stunt shows (see how many ODM logos you can count during one outing), Wink Parades, etc. His underground tapes became so popular that demand forced him to legitimize this too. So, ODTV was introduced the beginning of this year at the NY Motorcycle show at Manhattan's Jacob Javitz Center. The tape featured there, "The Streets Of New York, Volume I", sold out instantly and is proving to be a motorcycle classic. Though more volumes are in production (even the three times dirty version), you can check out clips from the tape, the show and photos of bikes ODM has painted and customized on this web site.

In closing, Blue wants to thank all y'all. From the first-timers, to the kickstand cats and especially, to all those trying and dying at 12 O'clock - big up.

For information on ODM please contact Andrew Ehrenpreis by e-mail: ODM@OILDOG.COM

ODM is located in Brooklyn, NY.